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Ofimat Counter

counters for functional systems

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A reception module that serves as a piece that brings specific solutions in spaces of all types, granting functional features necessary in different environments.



There's a multitude of available accesories that enable easy adaptations for a repeption counter, such as CPU supports, wirings, screen supports, and others.




This counter features multiple options that allow it to become a piece that best fits its environment. It can be built in different configurations according to the needs of each space.



And conference rooms

The Ofimat program is also available in different versions made for personal offices, cooperative workspaces, and conference rooms.



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Image gallery

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Multipurpose and practical system. Ofimat is more than an  operative worstation, which  provides you specific solutions for reception areas,  telemarketing, meeting rooms, managers, home  offices, and so on with all things you need.


Ergonomic spaces


Progression and ability to adapt are characteristics in the crescent desks which  make this range basic to fit out functional work spaces.


Team Work


Open spaces are very popular to make easier communication and exchange.


120 ° Desks


This model has multiple shapes with a different aesthetic and functionality. Progressive 120° desks provides  you organic spaces and interconnected workstations.


Call Centres


4 et 6 persons call centres and telemarketing. These call centres have a progressive system to use in schools, telesales or Internet cafes.




An specific program for using in reception areas, in which each module has all necessary things in a workstation.

Possibility to fit in everywhere combining curve and straight modules. Storage is an important item in the office environment, consequently we offer a wide range of modular cupboards available in multiple sizes, finishes, shelves options, doors or tambour.


Home Office


Working and studying areas with all office provisions are very popular at homes. 


Ergonomic Desk: Personal Office


To adapt the workspaces to each task it is possible using suitable complements such as CPU holder, toolbars, LCD monitor arms, and so on. 

Manager offices require desks with different shapes and specific dimensions, return desks, complements and finishes as walnut to create a personal environment. Ofimat program allows to fit out meeting rooms or conference rooms.


Electrification System


Ofimat has a cable management system based on a cable channel attached under the desk top and cable outlets on both panel ends. Moreover, it has optional cable tower and CPU  holders. Cable outlet on the top and panel ends. 

Electrification System cable channel  included. Optional cable tower. Panel ends include brackets to assembly  CPU holder.




25 mm exclusive MFC panels. 3 mm ABS thermo bounded edging R=2 mm. 


Technical information


Polystyrene anti humidity foot with levellers Pieds. Easy system to connect desk links to other items. Suspended pedestal on panel end.